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Welcome to the Langley Horse and Farm Federation. With over 5,000 horses and ponies in Langley, we are proud to be known as the Horse Capital of B.C.  Langley boasts over 77% of its land base in the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) and has 1,292 farms – more than any other municipality in British Columbia. 

Langley’s rich rural heritage, fertile lands and location make it a desirable community to foster agri-tourism, agricultural technology, niche markets and future agricultural growth. The horse community offers endless opportunities to be involved in the equestrian industry.

The mandate of our Education Committee is simple, sincere and at the heart of our organization:    

With the horse as our spokesperson, we aim to promote an interest in horses at the grassroots level that will foster a lifelong respect and dedication to the preservation and enhancement of our agricultural heritage.

The LANGLEY HORSE AND FARM FEDERATION is a registered society whose purposes are:

    1. To foster, enhance, strengthen and improve the horse industry in Langley.
    2. To enhance the image of the Langley horse industry to the general public, especially to youth, through education, public awareness and promotion relating to sports, recreation, agriculture and other activities.
    3. To encourage the growth of horse ownership, breeding, training, competition and horsemanship in Langley.
    4. To encourage unity, interaction, cooperation and coordination in the Langley horse community.
    5. To encourage the pursuit of excellence at all levels and in all activities throughout the Langley horse community.
    6. To educate the public about horses, farms, farming and all aspects of agriculture in Langley.

If you are interested in horses and agriculture we would love to hear from you and invite you to become involved. We have an exciting new educational program called “A Pony Comes to School” that is receiving rave reviews.

We have also been discussing exciting initiatives such as equestrian programs in the school and post-secondary education systems in B.C. In celebration of the Year of the Horse, we will be holding an All Things Horse agricultural education day in collaboration with the B.C. Farm Machinery and Agricultural Museum on April 26th, 2014 from 10am to 3pm at the Museum in Fort Langley. Please contact the Museum for further details and there will be live horses and ponies on site!

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